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We listed it . . . We sold it! Village Spirits Liquor Store has been purchased!

The Village Spirits Liquor Store is now added to the list of North Coast Land success stories. The only liquor store in Mendocino Village has closed escrow, with current owners Brian and Nancy Stratton now able to retire, turning the reins of the business over to new owners Jeanette and Fred Bowman. North Coast Land delivers, bringing sellers and buyers together, and here the ownership of a lucrative and unique business has transferred leaving all parties very happy.

Other sales are moving forward as well. Call North Coast Land today to see what opportunities might be in store for you.

The Village Spirits Store Sign

The carved wooden sign welcomes patrons at the Village Spirits Liquor Store in Mendocino, and new owners Jeanette and Fred Bowman are proud to serve them.

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